Seattle is my home and I miss every second of it, so to pass the time I decided to design my own watch so I can watch the time go by until I graduate and hopefully move back. Okay I promise there won’t be any more terrible watch puns, but I will show my process and how difficult it was to get to this point

Originally I was torn between two versions of a Seattle watch.


My first idea on the left—indicated by the red arrow—was an idea to create the Seattle skyline and to also have the Space Needle as the minute hand. The arrow on the right shows my other idea, a Seahawks’ sports watch. It was a hard decision, but what would you have done? I decided to go with my original idea and make a sleek Seattle Skyline watch.


The watch sprung to life when I added the Seattle skyline to the face of my watch. The original watch on the right was very sleek and simple, I wanted to keep that simple look by excluding the Seattle Space Needle as the minute hand, but instead to just keep it in the background


Creating the hands was difficult because the watch I was basing my design off of was very pixelated and I originally thought that the hands had a metallic look to them, but after further inspection, they looked to be a bold black color with a shadow that looked almost metallic.I made the executive decision and made my own design for the hands and they turned out beautifully. The next step was to create the knob.


As you can tell the picture was very pixelated, but I did my best guess as to what I thought it would look and feel like if I was holding it in my hands. I made a series of thin circles as the slits in the knob and used the picture as a color palette and then just masked the whole series of circles to get the final look on the one second to the left.


Creating the bands were difficult. I liked how my design called for a simple clean look without any sticking so I created a sponge-like texture to make a simple leather look. I then added some lighting and presto leather-o, you have a realistic looking leather.


The finishing touches were adding the glass glare, gradient touch ups on the face of the watch and to give shadows to the 12,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 markers. This was a difficult, but satisfying project and I felt I have grown as a graphic designer. Before I had no idea how to use a mask, gradient, create and distress textures, and to use lighting. Thank you for spending time with me and if you haven’t been to Seattle, Wa yet, I recommend it!