I am from Redmond, Washington and is located only 25 minutes east of Seattle. I grew up loving sports and I have always loved going to Century Link Field to watch the Seahawks and Sounders, as well as Safeco field for the Mariners. I want to make some stickers so I can give them away as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. My objective for my design was to incorporate my love for these major league teams with my love for Washington. I decided to blend three elements into my design; the sports team logo, the state of Washington and the iconic Seattle Skyline.


My first draft was relatively simple to create. I got online, took a screenshot of the state and traced around it to make a simple vector. I took my design from my previous work I did on my watch and blended the two together.

Mariners Logo

Next up was creating the logos. The S on the Mariner’s logo was difficult becauseI needed to make it look like a specific font, but I didn’t have that font so I improvised by reshaping an S from my current font library. It’s not exact, but it conveys the idea of the Mariner’s logo.


Once I added the logos to the Seattle/Washington design, I decided to use the color pallet of the logo. Looking over my design with other individuals, I got some good feedback on converging the Skyline and the state to blend the two elements better.


I went back and fixed up the Space Needle and dropped the skyline down a little more so that the two elements would overlap.


Now that the two elements are overlapping, I decided to change up the color scheme a little bit and make the two elements flow together more by making the fill the same color and the outline another color.


At last, the three things I love are together in a sticker. I feel I did a good job blending the three together and making the sports logos look as close to the original as possible. If the Sonics ever decide to come back I will definitely be making some sticker for them too!


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