I was listening to bands like Young the Giant, Bad Suns, and Imagine Dragons and looking through their albums and was intrigued by the design of their graphics. Each one was different, but they managed to portray the style of music in the artwork. Heavy metal music’s artwork is usually accompanied by lightning bolts, chains, and dark colors. Indie music has a lighter feel, brighter colors and just gives off a good vibe. I liked this style of artwork so I thought I would give it a go with a made up band name called Kissed By The Sun.

As you can see with my sketches, I was a little all over the place. My first band name was the Arrows and then I changed it to the Swan Divers, and then I finally decided to go for Kissed By The Sun. My concepts ranged from swans to intricate circle designs. After listening to some of the indie songs I realized that they had smooth tempos and no abrupt drops so I decided to go for a circular logo with a mountain foreground and to make the logo look like a sun setting in the desert mountains.


I started with the logo design making sure that it was simple and smooth like indie music. My idea was to use a simple color palate. Since I the band name had the sun in it, I decided to go for am orange color because when the sun is setting sometimes it can be orange in color. I picked an accent color that would complement the color scheme. As you can see below my progression from start to my first draft.


I wanted to make sure that I didn’t incorporate too much blue so I held back on the outer blue color for simplicity. I noticed with the artwork from Young the Giant, they used a lot of textures, so I decided to add some to the silhouette. Once I added the texture I started creating the mountain background. I had a hard time deciding the text placement for the date and time of the event so I tried two locations and decided to go a different direction.


I decided to move the text to the mountains to help tie in the two graphics together. After getting some feedback from a few people, I decided to re-do my logo design. I flip it around and made the blue butterfly overlap the two sides, so it could bridge the gap. I still was a little displeased with the arrangement and I needed to make the sun look more like it was setting and to add depth. In the last two frames on the right you will see that I dropped the sun behind the mountain and I moved the text down further so I could allow more space and I changed up the location to shorten it up and viola! Presto-poster and we have a good looking gig poster.

Gig poster for Kissed by the Sun
Gig poster for Kissed by the Sun

I really feel like I did a good job capturing the indie vibe with my poster. It has textures that most indie artwork has with the silhouette women, butterfly, and mountains all using a texture. It has smooth corners and a circle to convey a smooth and easy vibe. The limited color pallet of orange and blue made this poster look really cool and ties into the name of the band well. I feel this poster helped me tie in a lot of techniques I have been learning about these past couple of months and I hope to continue to improve my craft.


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