I’m Batman! After watching a little bit from the movie The Dark Night, I wanted to find an excuse to make the Batman logo. I had this great opportunity to create a t-shirt for a project and I was limited to only four colors with the print shop. My answer to the limited color scheme was, “does it come in black.” Okay, I’ll stop quoting Batman and move on to how I arrived at my design.


My sketches at first were all over the place, at first I was unsure about how to incorporate Batman, so I went ahead and tried out many other options. In the end, after doing 24 sketches I decided to add a little presidential twist into my Batman idea. I wanted the shirt to look like a simple voting ballot with the two major parties with an option of voting for Batman with a line from the movie.


I was able to create the democratic and republican logos with ease by simply tracing a campaign ad I found on the web. The batman was a little more complicated, but using several circles to cut out a black circle I was able to design it.


Next up I added a quote from the batman movie, but with a political twist. I added three boxes, one for each option, like what you would see for a voting ballot and I put a check in the box next to batman. It looked fine, but after doing a small focus group, it came to my attention that the text was a little distant from the design and that things weren’t aligned properly. I also wanted to add an element to make it look a little worn.


I found a picture from the internet that had all sorts of small black lines that would make my design look perfectly distressed. I applied a mask to the text first and was satisfied by the distressed look so I added it to the rest of the elements. I also made the text curve a bit and closed the gap, but just with the curved look made it look like it was apart of the design. I grouped the three boxes and their corresponding elements and aligned to the center. This was a fun project and I am excited to get my shirt back next week so I can show it off. I’m Batman!


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